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A PDF version of our popular Turing Tumble Puzzle Book is perfect for anyone who is looking to follow along remotely or would like a digital copy.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda S.
My Eight Year Old Loves This

I purchased this a couple of years ago but found it was a little advanced for him in spite of his impressive intelligence. Mainly the challenge was related to his fine motor control. We dusted it off recently and had a wonderful time working out the challenges. The concept is great. I did find I had to help by holding the triggering levers and stabilizing the panel otherwise the balls tended to start dropping before he had things set to go. This activity requires focus and the absence of "helpful" or just curious younger siblings. Somehow between our first attempt to play with this two years ago and now, I lost the book so was very relieved to be able to purchase the PDF version on line.

Polyvalente M.
Très bon jeu éducatif!

Nous en avons acheté 10 pour une école. C'est un jeu unique qui nous procurera des heures de plaisir en perspective. Le service à la clientèle est aussi excellent!