Spintronics : Power Pack

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**Attention : Le Power Pack nécessite au minimum l’Acte un pour jouer. L’Acte un et l’Acte deux sont nécessaire pour relever tous les défis.**

Le Power Pack fournit les pièces permettant de donner plus de puissance à vos circuits grâce à une batterie 6 V supplémentaire et 2 résistances de faible puissance. Il comprend aussi un livret contenant 11 défis supplémentaires.

Ce kit comprend tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour jouer et relever les défis du livret de défis du Power Pack :
  • 1 livret de défis du Power Pack
  • 1 batterie Spintronics de 6 V (0,3 mAh)
  • 1 résistance Spintronics de 100 Ω
  • 1 résistance Spintronics de 50 Ω
  Boîte de l’Acte un Boîte de l’Acte deux Boîte du Power Pack

35 cm × 28 cm × 8 cm

35 cm × 28 cm × 8 cm

21 cm × 16 cm × 8 cm

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1.8 kg
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Customer Reviews

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very nice

I havent finished the first act (I bought the first 2 with some diodes and capacitors), but I can say it´s really fun. I work as a mechatronics technician so I skipped the first riddles, but they are really nice to show how if/or option work in a circuit. I will try if our new apprentices want to try it out, but even knowing most stuff it´s not like an electrical circuit in my opinion. But there is the thing you can see everything not like an electrical circuit which means it show you how stuff works. I can build an inverter and it shows how it works with physics so you get to understand and to see the functions of the specific parts in a circuit. I will probably buy the last pack later and some more plates to move stuff easier, but if you want to understand circuits I would recommend it to you. It reminds me of an experiment box about circuits which i had as a kid. And even if you dont play with it anymore and you have enough space you can leave it out as decoration for an conversation starter.

Cay B.

Never received my purchase. Avoid this company.

Hi Cay, I'm sorry you never received your game! Please reach out to us at hello@upperstory.com.

Excellent expansion pack for even more fun

First I thought that this would only allow to build larger spintronic circuits, but there is more to it, and a nice additional story to discover. Great expansion pack!

Anne B.

A good add on


Super cool! Looking forward to building with my son.


One part of a 3 part order from a Kickstarter project.
Exceptional product. With fantastic communication from seller throughout the entire process. Great price for a great product that will introduce electronic circuitry and concepts to a generation of young learners in a fun interesting puzzle “game”. Lots of fun for us older folks too😊




My son said it was awesome he stayed up for couple days with it