Spintronics Act One Bundle

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This pack of 6 kits perfectly outfits your small group with
everything they need for long-lasting play. Great for stations, clubs, and libraries.

Spintronics is a new game (ages 8 to adult) from the makers of Turing Tumble where players build mechanical circuits to solve puzzles. Players feel the pull of voltage and see the flow of current as they discover electronics in a tangible and deeply intuitive way, using the first physical equivalent of electronics ever built. It’s fun, fascinating, easy-to-learn, and irresistible to play.

Package includes:

  • 6 - Spintronics Act One kits

This kit includes everything you'll need to play and complete the Act One puzzle book:

  • 1 - Act One puzzle book
  • 1 - 6 V Spintronic battery (0.3 mAh)
  • 1 - 200 Ω Spintronic resistor
  • 1 - 500 Ω Spintronic resistor
  • 1 - 1000 Ω Spintronic resistor
  • 2 - Spintronic switches
  • 2 - Spintronics junctions
  • 1 - 1.2 mF Spintronic capacitor/voltmeter
  • 1 - Spintronic ammeter
  • 300 - Chain links
  • 3 - Base tiles
  • 6 - Tile connectors
  • 1 - Tile connector tool


  Act One box Act Two box Power Pack box

35 cm x 28 cm x 8 cm

35 cm x 28 cm x 8 cm

21 cm x 16 cm x 8 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews

Since our kid turned 3 we’ve loved playing Turing Tumble together! I now can’t wait for us to play Spintronics as well!

Scott R. (Oakland, US)
Wonderful Educational Toy

My first take as I put the components together was like recreating devices as seen in a Jules Verne movie. They are fascinating to watch. Of course, building the mechanical circuits beginning with simple to more difficult leading to an understanding about how electronic components work. The function of each of the different mechanical components is remarkably akin to each corresponding electronic component..

Martin (Oldham, GB)
A game-changer for electronics education

I graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering a few years ago and I could not have imagined that something like this was even possible. It would have been so much easier to grasp fundamental electronics concepts if I had Spintronics in high-school or university!

Even though these days I write software and I haven't really worked with circuits in years, I found myself glued to this Spintronics kit like a fly glued to a block of sugar! Going through the puzzle book feels like I'm playing an actual steampunk RPG and I'm levelling myself up as the story progresses, haha. I only started playing yesterday, but I can already tell I'm going to spend countless hours on Spintronics and that it's going to be so much fun!

Amandine P.

Spintronics Act One

Brandon W.

Ever since I got my Spintronics I find it hard to not do anything with them, I always find myself enjoying myself with making some kind of circuit with them, I'm very grateful about ordering them and I can see myself giving them to me children in the future.


My kids love it 🥰

Nathan P.

Spintronics Act One

George P. (Spokane Valley, US)
christmas gift

arrived quickly. Christmas gift.

H S.F. (Henley on Thames, GB)

The ordering and delivery process were excellent. As the item itself has not yet been given to its intended recipient , it is not possible to comment further

Patrick H. (Lewisham, GB)
Bought the full set for myself as an adult

I am a middle aged software engineer. After hearing about the games from my nephew, I bought the full sets of Spintronics and Turing Tumble for myself, having never played either game, but simply having seen the videos and having high hopes for both games. I have not yet been disappointed by either game. It is a delight to be able to play with these concepts in a tactile way. I've often thought about what a physical analogy to these concepts might look like, but until now I have never had the chance to actually play with them! I have since played alongside my nephew too and I can confirm that this is a great way to introduce a young person to the concepts of computing (Turing Tumble) and electronics (Spintronics). I look forward to completing the games! Congratulations to Upper Story for pulling this off!